3 on 3 Basketball

Tournament Rules

List of NYC 3-on-3 Rules

Pre Game
-First possession will be awarded based on coin toss and winning team’s choice of offense or defense to begin game
-If coin toss winner choose “defense” to begin game, they will have first possession in overtime

-18 minute running clock OR first team to 21 pts (by 2’s and 1’s)
-20 second shot clock
-Substitutions after every dead ball OR by team strategy
-Every possession must start with a pass in grades 7+
-Any change of possession requires a “clear”
-“Loser’s” ball, free clears to 3 pt line
-Players must “clear” 3 pt line with one foot to commence offense
-Team cannot lose possession during a clear
-1 x 1:00 minute time out per team per regulation game

-Additional :30 second time out awarded for overtime per team (carrying over from regulation total)
-Jump ball will result in a possession change based on original coin toss (but will not reflect overtime possession)
-Sudden death over time
-Games cannot be won on a Free Throw in grades 7+

-At 7 team fouls team receives Freethrow + ball possession on made shot
-Missed free throws are treated like missed shot and are “live”
-No player can foul out

-Technical fouls result in 2 free throws + ball possession (make or miss)
-2 Technical fouls result in ejection from game for player or coach. If only 2 players remain on team, game will continue 3 on 2
-4 technical fouls per team result in automatic loss for team and consideration for expulsion from tournament

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