The IA Culture

At IA we have worked very diligently to ensure that all of our basketball players comprehend the life lessons at the root of the sport we love.  Basketball is more than just a game to us.  It is a resource for players of all ages to understand the importance of the primary qualities found in sports such as dedication, accountability, teamwork, and respect.  What started as just a few boys looking for a new team with a few private clients has developed into a well-run championship caliber program with skill enhancement services to improve players of all ages and backgrounds.

The motto for our culture is simple.  Do your best every time you step on the court.  As simple as it sounds, the complication with other programs is that this motto only applies to the athlete and tends to conveniently exclude the coach.   The IA staff works tirelessly to educate themselves on the nuances and evolution of the game because a lot has changed since it’s inception in 1891.  We understand that in order to keep up with the trends of today’s game we need to constantly read, research, and question those who have been successful before us.  Our program prides itself on teaching the game the way it is meant to be played today while encouraging creativity and innovation whenever possible.

Basketball is a game that has brought so much to the founders of Infinite Athletics that it will always be a cornerstone of our methodology.  However, we believe that it is not what you learn on the court that matters most.  It is what you take with you off the court that may very well change your life.

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