F.A.Q.’s for AAU

Frequently asked questions about AAU Basketball

How long is the Spring AAU season?
Tryouts will take place March 10th-March 13th. Team practices will begin the week of March 30th. Games will begin as early as the weekend of April 11th and continue until the weekend of May 30th the latest.

When do the practices take place?
Practices will be held one day per week (mandatory) and players will also have a weekly IA Skills session with their teammates and other IA players (optional) a second day of the week. Practices/Skills will be at the same time and location every week at the Professional Children’s School (132 W 60th St.) To see the schedule for your child’s age group, click HERE

What does the registration fee entail?
With registration, your child will receive quality weekly instruction from our team of professional coaches, an IA game jersey and shorts, and a custom piece of IA apparel (exact item TBD).  Please check out our store once tryouts begin to see additional IA GEAR!

My son/daughter plays several sports.  Is that a problem?
Not only is it not a problem, we ENCOURAGE our youth athletes to play several sports in their adolescent years. Studies have shown that children opting to play multiple sports in their adolescence result in lower stress levels, lower likelihood of quitting and minimized injury*. We want our youth athletes to experience the broad spectrum of sports in their environment. However, the IA Warriors basketball program is a commitment that we expect our athletes to see through once a player is linked to a team.

What is AAU basketball?
AAU is an acronym for the Amateur Athletic Union. This is an organization that provides youth tournaments across the country to compete for championships in your team’s town, city and state. There are various skill levels of AAU basketball with thousands of teams across the nation. It is the gold standard for organized basketball team play in the United States.

My child has not played AAU basketball on a team before, will this be right for him/her?
We encourage all players to tryout for the team of his/her age group and from there coaches can determine the best route for your child to find the most success! We try to accommodate all of our players with the program that best fits their needs. The AAU season tends to be a bit more competitive than the Fall/Winter season, so our goal is to find the best fit possible for him/her at the end of tryouts.

How will you decide the teams?
Tryouts will be held to determine which players will play on which teams during the AAU season. After tryouts, coaches will perform an evaluative process that considers each individual player’s current skill level, chemistry with surrounding players, attitude, coachability and effort.  Teams are typically assembled within one week of tryouts and parents/guardians will receive an email with a roster confirmation.

*STUDY-Sports specialization in young athletes

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