Fighting Against Stereotypes Through Education, Sports & Teamwork

At IA we are irrevocably dedicated to serving as a mechanism to unite diverse populations through athletic participation, educational outreach programs, teamwork and leadership building activities.  In a society divided by cultural bias, misguided stereotypes and other preconceived notions, we aim to teach youth populations that people of dissimilar backgrounds can learn to work together, nourish friendships and professional networks as well as promote a more tolerant society through sports.  Youth athletes expressing desires to participate in various sports will receive referrals to and funding for their participation with other athletically related organizations.

Academic tutoring and after school programs will be centered on individualized educational protocols developed by experienced educators.  Social development initiatives will include life skills lectures and college preparation workshops from professional and collegiate athletes and coaches to help develop a well-rounded student-athlete.  Programs are intended to immerse youth athletes of widely varied socioeconomic, religious and cultural backgrounds to promote tolerance, understanding and community through education, sports and teamwork.

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